Why Shingles Are So Popular

Why Shingles Are So Popular

The Most Common Material

One of the most popular types of roofing materials in the US is asphalt shingles. You probably have a neighbor that does if you don’t have them on your roof. We discuss the reasons shingles are so common on contemporary roofs in this blog post.


Compared to tile or metal roofing, shingles require a lot less care. They are not susceptible to rust, denting, or moisture damage.

They are also not too difficult to fix. Because shingles are applied one at a time, fixing localized damage doesn’t take much work. Your new roof will probably come with a guarantee as well, typically lasting 15 to 30 years.

The scorching Florida sun is not a problem for shingles because they are resistant to weather and extreme temperatures.


Additionally, the energy efficiency of shingles is well known. Shingles are made to keep heat from entering your home, unlike metal, which may drastically raise the temperature inside. You can also choose light-colored shingles to reflect the sun and keep the heat out.


Shingles’ cost is another factor in their rising popularity. Reducing the financial strain of replacing your roof is essential because it’s a significant undertaking. For homeowners wishing to employ an economical yet high-quality roofing material, shingles are a terrific choice.


When creating your new roof, you can choose from a wide range of colors when using asphalt shingles. To meet your taste and your location, you can use neutral or rustic-looking hues. Even asphalt shingles that mimic other materials could be used to cover your roof.

Speaking of which, experts can install asphalt shingles very easily. This reduces the amount of time needed to finish the project, which lowers your financial load.

Your Orlando Roofing Team

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