How Old Is Your Roof? Here’s How to Tell

red roof house with red tiles an zinc chimney

Nobody likes to replace a roof earlier than necessary, but knowing at least a reasonable estimate of how old it is will help you budget for what will be a significant investment.

If properly maintained and vented, an asphalt roof should last 20 to 25 years. Knowing how old something is, however, might be difficult unless you have documents or can recall when it was replaced. This is particularly valid if you recently bought an older house.

You ought to be able to find out how old your roof is by doing a little research.

3 Ways to Find Out How the Age of Your Roof

Check public records: A permit with the date your home was built should be on file with the building department of your city or county. They would also know whether the roof had been changed. This is due to the fact that most structural improvements to a property call for a permit. However, there’s a potential that your house is older than the neighborhood administration. This happens frequently in the broader Orlando area, where it seems as though new municipalities are created overnight. Your neighborhood’s building authority ought to be able to lead you in the proper direction, at the very least.

Contact the previous owners: If searching through public data seems like too much work, try getting in touch with the former owners. Your real estate agent might be able to put you in touch with them if you recently closed on a property. If not, you’ll need to search through public records once more. You can obtain copies of all legal records pertaining to the property, including mortgages, taxes, and deeds, from the county recorder’s office.

Get a professional roof inspection: Because you can avoid the paper trail, this is usually the simplest course of action. A roofing contractor can inspect your roof’s condition to give you a good estimate of its age. The flashes, valleys, and vents will all be evaluated by an inspector using their trained eye. The following are indications that it may be time to replace your roof:

  • Shabby shingles: A roof that has shingles that are curling, bowing, or missing is far past its prime.
  • Blistering: This happens when vapors escape from the layers of shingles, usually as a result of an overheated roof. One of the main causes of blistering shingles is inadequate ventilation.
  • Gutters full of granules: Over time, the granules’ and shingles’ relationship will degrade. The granules will be removed by rain flow.

Your peace of mind will come from a thorough roof inspection, and our reliable contractors can provide the finest solutions for your house and your budget, whether that be a full replacement or just a repair.

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