Residential Roof Installation in Orlando, FL

If you are looking for residential roof installation or repairs, our team of highly qualified roofing experts are ready to help. Our extensive experience shines through to provide roofing services that Orlando, FL residents have come to trust.

We work with top-notch manufacturers and brands. From roofing shingles to tiles, and from metal roofing to ridge vents, everything is made from high-quality sources and processes. With various levels of warranties that also come with lifetime workmanship guarantee, you get the peace of mind that your money was not only well spent on quality services but also earned you the promise of long term reliability.

At Rhyne Restoration, our primary goal is to provide you and your family with the safety that you deserve under your roof. Whether you need us to talk to your insurance provider or help you finance your residential restoration, repair, or installation, let us know. We will be glad to handle the process for you every step of the way. We design our residential roof installation and repair services in a way that ensures optimal quality work with high-quality materials. Complete the form online here or give us a call today!

Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roof covering for homes, largely because they are relatively inexpensive, are durable, and come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and textures.

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Tile Roofing

Tile roofs offer a unique blend of weather resistance, style, and safety and will add value to your home for years to come. Rhyne works with the top manufacturers in tile roofing to give you valuable options for your home, many of which have manufacturing right here in Florida.

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Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are most often the strongest and longest lasting roofs on the market. In fact, it typically lasts 50 years or more! A metal roof in Florida will require little to no repairs even in severe weather. They are significantly less likely to sustain damage from high winds, hurricanes, tropical storms and hail than tile or shingle.

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Ridge Vents & Roof Ventilation

In the summertime, a properly ventilated roof allows hot air in the attic to escape, reducing the demand on your air conditioning system. All of Rhyne Restoration roof vents can be installed with a new roof project or to correct issues in your existing roof, and our ridge vent installers offer timely, expert, and affordable service to keep your home in top condition.

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