A roof is more than just the finish touch on a well-built home. Your roof separates you from the elements on a daily basis and keeps your family safe when Central Florida’s storm season threatens the region with severe weather. Your roof takes care of you, so take care of it with the help of Rhyne Restoration’s Lakeland roofing experts.

In most cases, homeowners wait until they see water pouring into their home to think about the health and condition of their roof. However, you don’t have to wait for the presence of water to have suspicion and call our Lakeland roofers.

There are a number of signs you can watch for that signal the need for roof repairs, or even a complete roof replacement on your home. Rhyne Restoration recommends watching for the following:

  • Moisture buildup on your homes upper level, crawl spaces upstairs, or in the attic.
  • Presence of mold in your home
  • Stains on the exterior and interior surfaces of your home
  • Missing shingles or tiles
  • Excessive runoff of roofing materials on the driveway or in the yard